Fast Facts:

1. Togo is located in West Africa and is the 14th smallest country on the continent.

2. Its capital and largest city is Lomé.

3. Major languages: French, Ewe, Kabiye

4. Major ethnic groups: Ewe, Kabre, Wachi, Mina, Kotokoli, Bimoba

5. Major religions: Christianity (44%), Traditional and other religions (42%), Islam (14%)

6. It gained independence from France in April 1960.          

7. The Togolese flag, adopted at independence, has symbolic meaning. The red square represents the blood shed for independence, the white star represents hope, green represents the forests, agriculture and nature, and yellow represents the natural resources. The five horizontal bands define the five regions of Togo.

8. Football (soccer) is the most recognized and national sport of Togo.      

9. Togo means ‘house of sea’ in the Ewe language.

10. Voodoo is one of its most popular traditional animist religions. Traditional healing methods are widely used and medical treatments usually involve frequent visits to the voodoo house and the local fetish priest.

11. It has one site on the UNECO World Heritage List: Koutammakou landscape, home to the Takienta mud houses of the Batammariba people.

12. It offers a range of wildlife and has 3 national parks where animals can be seen: Fazao Mafakassa National Park, Kéran National Park, and Fosse Aux Lions National Park.

13. Things to see and do include: Lomé National Museum, Palais de Lomé, Grand Marché, Akodessewa Fetish Market, Monument de L’independence, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hotel Sarkawa’s Olympic-sized pool, Aneho slave house, Togoville and Lake Togo, Kpalime waterfalls, hiking Mount Agou, fishing villages, whale watching, and beautiful beaches.

Map of Togo
Map of Togo
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