Fun Facts:
1. It’s the biggest country in Africa and the 10th largest in the world.

2. It’s located in North Africa but has a Mediterranean coastline.

3. The Sahara Desert covers 4/5ths of its land.

4. Its capital and most populous city is Algiers.

5. Major languages: Arabic, French and Berber

6. Ethnicity/Race: 99% Berber

7. Religion: 99% Islam, 1% Christianity and other

8. It locally produces beer and wine.

9. It has 18 international airports.

10. Most visitors require a Visa. Only 8 countries have visa free entry. The Visa will be denied if you have visited and have a passport stamp for Israel or one of its neighboring country land borders.

11. It has a rich history with 7 World Heritage sites: Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad, Djémila, Casbah of Algiers, M’Zab Valley, Timgad, Tipasa, and Tassil n’Ajjer.

12. Tourist attractions include ancient towns, the desert region, beaches, botanical gardens, museums, national parks and more.

Map of Algeria
Map of Algeria
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